Same Old Song and Dance

Europe wants us to take their views into consideration. Europe wants us to follow their lead. Europe wants to be involved. So why do we have to drag them kicking and screaming on an issue so vitally important as a bunch of 14th Century theocrats trying to get nuclear weapons? From the New York Times:


The United States is circulating a draft resolution at the agency’s current board of governors’ meeting that condemns Iran for failing to disclose in a declaration in October that it was working on an advanced centrifuge design capable of producing highly enriched uranium suitable for use in atomic weapons.

But the Europeans, led by France, Germany and Britain, favor a milder reproach, the spokesman said, fearing that stronger action could cause Iran to stop cooperating with the agency.

“Cooperating” is Eurospeak for “filling out the proper forms while doing whatever you like.” What use is Iran’s cooperation with the IAEA, when that cooperation reveals that Iran isn’t honoring the treaty commitments that the IAEA is unable to enforce?

Until Europe learns that the United States can no longer afford to play the Europocrisy game on matters of nuclear proliferation, we should heed their views the same way Iran heeds the IAEA.


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