All Kerry, All the Time

JFK Jr. Jr. plans to mount legal challenges against ballots that have yet to be cast:

John Kerry is determined not to lose Florida’s 27 electoral votes in a swamp of recounts and recriminations this fall, vowing to mount an early legal challenge in any district that might repeat the problems that bedeviled Democratic supporters in 2000.

“Not only do we want a record level of turnout to vote, we want to guarantee that every vote is counted,” the presumptive Democratic nominee told about 500 people at a town hall meeting Monday.

Kerry rarely mentions the legal battle over the 2000 election while campaigning, but he did so repeatedly in the state that was the epicenter four years ago. Responding to a voter who asked, “What can you do to prevent them from stealing the election again?”, Kerry, a lawyer and former Massachusetts prosecutor, said his campaign was assembling a legal team to examine districts which had problems.


It’s gonna be a long eight months — ten, if you want to go ahead and include the sixty-day post-election legal wrangling.


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