What's next for the Dean Dongs?

As Steve has previously noted, Howie “YEEEEAAAAAGH!” Dean isn’t just done, he’s cooked down to a tiny lump of smoldering charcoal. He’s trailing two-to-one in his latest “must-win” state, and even if Kerry were caught with the proverbial dead girl or live boy, the Dems won’t be asking Dr. Demento to make any White House calls anytime soon (ah, the joys of Deanenfreude).

It’s not even worth asking at this point when Dean’s actually going to drop out; the man himself is now an irrelevancy. The really interesting question is, where do the legions of orange-hatted Dean Dongs ($1 to Hugh Hewitt) go from here? Do they rally up behind “Cash-and-Kerry?” Do they hold their noses and switch to Edwards? (I doubt it, he doesn’t act weird enough.)

How about this: do they follow up on Dean’s January threat and bolt the party entirely, perhaps for Ralph Nutter or the yet-unnamed Green Party candidate? Or will they just stay home in November?

Heck if I know. But it sure is fun to watch…