After the Fall

How badly has Castro messed up Cuba? The rot might outlive the bastard:

Conventional wisdom holds that the regime will crumble, freedom will blossom and the path to Cuban prosperity will open up at last.

Mark Falcoff isn’t so sure. In “Cuba: The Morning After,” Mr. Falcoff concludes that post-Castro Cuba may well struggle hard to recover from more than four decades of dictatorship. “Failed states typically become–like Haiti–platforms for the export of illicit substances, centers of international criminality, and vessels leaking illegal immigrants,” he writes. “Perhaps, indeed, the island will somehow avoid this fate, but present indicators do not offer much encouragement.”


If true, we’re left with just two important questions:

1) How many more immigrants will we see in Florida once the bastard is gone?

2) Will we finally be able to buy Cuban cigars without going to Canada?

I’m hoping Falcoff is wrong, but if history is any guide…


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