One Last Thing. . .

. . . before the cough medicine really kicks in.

Way back when, a buddy of mine who followed politics a little more closely than your average voter, told me from then on, he was going to pay attention whenever I made some wild-ass political guess.


Because I told him, before he’d ever even heard of the guy, “Just watch — Bill Clinton is gonna be the next President.”

Right now I have a similar feeling about John Edwards. Similar — but not as strong. My gut tells me the nomination is his, if he doesn’t screw it up.

Dean is scary. Kerry is boring and tougher to pin down than a water balloon on an oiled trampoline (If you have a water balloon on an oiled trampoline, for Whomever’s sake, please please please don’t tell me why). Lieberman is the Democrat’s John McCain, but without the fire. Clark is the worst of Kerry combined with the worst of Dean.

Edwards is Clinton without the bimbo eruptions.

That’s what my gut tells me.

UPDATE: Maybe I’m just crabby because of this sore throat, but to some of you in the comments section — pay attention to what I wrote, not to what you think I wrote.

I did not say Edwards is a shoe-in next November. I said my gut tells me he might be the strongest guy for the nomination. I’d also described a prior gut reaction as a “wild-ass political guess,” and nothing more.

(I’m talking to you, Arvin. Wipe the spittle from your chin.)


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