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The latest Zogby tracking poll figures from New Hampshire:

Dean 25%
Kerry 23
Clark 16
Edwards 7
Lieberman 7
Kucinich 2
Sharpton 0.1
Undecided 16

The most interesting number here is the undecideds, which at 16% is only about half of what it was in Iowa going into Monday’s caucus. So, there seems to be less room for another come-from-behind surprise for John Edwards.


Unless. Dean’s negatives are going to go nowhere but up over the next week, as he continues to be more an object of ridicule than worry. At which point, the media will decide they’ve gone too far, and will build him back up the four or five days before the primary.

I won’t predict who will win, place, or show — but seeing which way the media herd will turn isn’t a hard art to master.


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