Not Quite Required Reading

One of the most tired bits of rightwing paranoia is the fear that somehow Hillary Clinton will swoop in and “steal” the Democratic presidential nomination next year. (If I seem especially cruel sometimes to conservatives, it’s because — as with Germany — I expect better from them.)


Anyway. Today Bill Safire explains why it ain’t gonna happen:

Now for a moment’s mischief. If President Bush wins re-election, Hillary would likely gain the Democratic nomination in 2008, and would run as the favorite against, say, Republican Bill Frist or Jeb Bush. But if Howard Dean wins nomination and election in 2004, he would surely be the Democratic candidate again in 2008, and by the time 2012 rolls around, Hillary would be a wizened, doddering Medicare recipient facing a tide of voter resentment after eight years of Dean’s executive-privilege arrogance in power (I exaggerate for effect).

The whole thing is today’s Required Reading, but only if you’re the paranoid sort of right-winger.


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