What’s the No War Crowd’s answer to this story?

Saddam Hussein’s government is believed to have buried as many as 300,000 opponents in 263 mass graves that dot the Iraqi landscape, the top human rights official in the U.S.-led civilian administration said Saturday.

Sandy Hodgkinson said the administration has been sending forensic teams to investigate those grave sites reported to U.S. officials. So far, the existence of about 40 graves has been confirmed.

“We have found mass graves with women and children with bullet holes in their heads,” she said.


Murder on the same scale in this country would be over 3.5 million people. Or 78,000 Israelis, a million Germans, or almost two million Russians. The Arabs, in other words, are much better at killing their own than they are at killing us decadent Westerners.

Anyone still think there’s nothing in the Middle East in need of fixing?

UPDATE: Holy crap.


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