Recovering blogger Mark Butterworth sent me the following email:

I have developed an interest in conducting a survey based on a single, simple question which I have been pestering reporters, columnists, editors, and publishers with. Thus far I have had responses from The Sacramento Bee (5 replies), The National Review Online (2 thus far), The Dallas Morning News.

A few respondents include John Podheretz and Mike Potemra (but James Lileks and Jonah Goldberg remain incommunicado, among others).

I’m hoping you will take the time to answer my question, and post the idea of the survey on your blog, directing responses to me, if you would be so kind. I intend to eventually organize the survey and publish it in a similar way by distributing it to bloggers so that they may comment as they please on the subject (or on the correspondent – me).

The question is this – “What is Truth?”


If you like, you can reply to Mark here — let’s just hope his spam filters are well in place, now that he’s let me make the address public.


My own answer is: On the human scale — the only scale which concerns me — Truth is all those things that exist, and do so independent from human consciousness.

And if you think that sounds like a crib/paraphrase from Ayn Rand, you’re right.


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