Talkin' Baseball

If the Cubs or the Red Sox win the World Series, or even manage to win their respective pennants, it would be the worst possible thing to happen to baseball fans in Chicago or Boston.


Look. When your team is a perennial loser, you can always tell yourself, “Next year is gonna be our year. I just know it.” That’s what fans do; that’s how they stay fans.

But what happens when, for the first time since Big Giant Rock Beach had to be renamed Pebble Peach (thanks, erosion!) their loser team actually wins?

Why, you take away all their hope.

Oh, sure, the winners and their supporters can bask in the fleeting glory of taking home the NL or AL pennant, or, if the Weather Channel’s latest freak forecast for Hell is correct, win the Whole Enchilada. But come Spring Training next February, all they’ll be left with is one sad realization: “We made it last year. Oh, dear God, now not even my grandkids will see them win it again.”

Take it from me, a guy who considers himself a bit of a Colorado Rockies fan


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