How Many Votes -- er, Points -- Is That?

When they bust you doing my recommended 50mph over the limit, you really ought to be a man and cop to it. Not so for those in power, apparently:

A motorcade driving Gov. Gray Davis to Los Angeles was clocked going 94 mph by a Highway Patrol officer who pursued the cars for five miles until members of the governor’s security detail identified themselves, sources said Friday.

The chase occurred last Saturday on a two-lane portion of Highway 46 in San Luis Obispo County known as “Blood Alley” because at least 29 people have died from traffic accidents there since 1998. Movie actor James Dean was killed on the same stretch in 1955 when his race car crashed.

A Davis representative refused to comment [emphasis added] on the incident, referring questions to California Highway Patrol Commissioner D.O. “Spike” Helmick.


It’s that last line that really chafes me. I had misgivings about California’s recall election — let the voters suffer their own choices, and maybe they’ll choose better next time — but now I say: Let the bastard hang.


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