Answers, Anyone?

In Sunday’s New York Post, author Ralph Peters has three questions for the anti-war crowd:

1) Do you honestly believe, after 12 years of failure, that U.N. inspections can disarm Saddam Hussein? If your reply is “Yes!” or if you refuse to believe the evidence that Saddam possesses weapons of mass destruction, wants more of them, and intends to use them, proceed to question 2.

2) Should we simply turn our backs on the Iraqi people and allow Saddam to continue to torment and murder them? Should we, thereafter, allow one of his homicidal sons to succeed him?

Don’t the people of Iraq, who have been gassed, tortured, raped, shot and starved (while Saddam builds dozens of vast palaces for himself), deserve liberation? Or is freedom only for educated white people and the Botox brigade?

3) What would you do, in practical terms, to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction and their eventual use by terrorists against us? No generalities, please – specific answers are required.

Being a mere newspaper, the Post doesn’t offer instant feedback. But VodkaPundit does.

Just click on the “Drinks” below or shoot me an email. C’mon, people — answer the questions.