Ralph Peters is really mad at France today:

Ultimately, this grotesque resurgence of French “diplomacy” will fail. France is weak, ill-defended and hated in Africa and much of the Middle East with a quiet hatred that goes far deeper than the topical anti-Americanism so much in evidence. Nor will its attempts to glorify itself at America’s expense provide France with any security. The terrorists will not reward France for its pandering; on the contrary, I expect we shall see a major terrorist strike in France this year. The French do not merely live in a bad neighborhood – the bad neighborhoods live within France. The French are bribing their executioners in the expectation of mercy.

We may hope – and pray – that the war against Iraq will be swift, with low casualties. But every American who dies in this war will have a French diplomatic bullet in his or her body.

But what I really enjoyed was the little “about the author” blurb following the column. It explains that

Ralph Peters has canceled his orders for 2000 Bordeaux. And he will cancel his support for the Bush administration if it does not punish France for its betrayal.