Good News/No News

More important logistical news from StrategyPage:

The U.S. Army has six bridging companies, units that can quickly build bridges (for M-1 tanks and all other vehicles) over wide rivers like those found in Iraq. Three of these companies are in the reserves and have been mobilized. Two of the companies are in the regular army and stationed in the United States. These are on their way to the Persian Gulf. So is the sixth company, a regular army unit stationed in Germany.

Question is, why the hell hasn’t the 101st recieved orders to ship out? It’s all fine and good that our heavy units in Kuwait will be able to force rivers on the way to Baghdad. But if we’re hoping to move in on a power vacuum after decapitating the Iraqi army and Ba’ath party leadership, then the heli-mobile soldiers of the Screaming Eagles will be of more immediate help than any number of M1 tanks.