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Why inspections won’t disarm Saddam:

United States inspectors visited Osirik seven times during the 1980s, but they were unable to obtain an accurate picture of the activities carried out there, largely due to tight Iraqi control over the timing and agenda of the visits. The Iraqis went so far as to install false control room panels and to brick over elevators and hallways that accessed certain areas of the facility. The inspectors were able to report that there was no clear scientific research or civilian nuclear power program justifying such a large reactor – circumstantial evidence of the Israeli bomb program – but found no evidence of “weapons related activities” such as the existence of a plutonium reprocessing plant.

That report is from the FAS — only I changed it a little. Replace “Osirik” with “Dimona,” the ’60s for the 1980s, and instead of Iraqis, the interlopers were Israeli. That’s how easy it is for our friends to fool us, and at a single known site in a tiny country, instead of multiple, hidden sites in a relatively large nation.

Israel has beween 100-200 nuclear bombs.