More Useless Info

At least until next week, I’m going to do more of the column-type material that pleases me, and a lot less of the linking (and smart ass) material that seems to please you.

Why? Flip answer: My blog, my rules.

Real answer? That’s a combination of the flip answer, and just where we are in the news cycle right now. When hell breaks lose — and it will, sometime between now and March — I’m going to need all the reserves I can muster. All of us news junkies will be pushing it 24/7 for who knows how long, and I’d hate to burn out in the clutch.

Besides, this is probably the finest damn thing I’ve written since starting this hobby last January, and part of me would like to train you to expect more things like it, and less things like, well, the rest of the (amusing) crap I publish here. The more static I post, the less likely you are to ooh and ahh when you see something here worthy of a little more consideration.

So a little less content for now, and, hopefully, a little more quality.