Sing Freedom

Radly Balko presents the Top Twelve Libertarian Pop Songs over at Tech Central Station.

Missing from the list?

Stevie Wonder’s “You Haven’t Done Nothin’.” Not strictly libertarian, but a fun, funky reminder that people can take the streets to protest their government.

Also good is “(I Could Only) Whisper Your Name” from Harry Connick’s pop album, She. The opening verse puts politics in its proper place.

An obvious addition is the disco-infused “1984” by the Eurythmics. If probably missed the movie when it came out in 1985, but the soundtrack is a worthy purchase.

Finally, from the Vaults of Obscurity, comes the grunge-lounge style of “Fuck You” by Dean and the Weenies, available only on the out-of-print Mondo New York soundtrack. Any song that rhymes “Fuck thermonuclear war” with “fuck Mary Tyler Moore” has got to warm the heart of any anti-authoritarian.