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Last Christmas, I was happy to buy a bunch of stocking stuffers from You should see the happy Buddha fish on the back of Jason’s black PT Cruiser. Lookin’ good.

Sacriligious Christmas gifts? You betcha. Gotta love it.

What I wasn’t expecting was for the proprieter, a local guy, to send me this email:

This Saturday and Sunday we in Colorado Springs will have a couple of chances to express our displeasure with Bush’s lust to expand the Iraqi war into a full scale ground battle.

On Saturday, Corporate Criminal and US vice president-designee Dick Chaney will be here (Colo Springs) promoting the campaign of a Congressional candidate from Loveland Colorado. (demonstration from 11 am, Adams Mark Hotel, on Cascade Ave in the downtown area.)

And on Sunday, a live, televised debate will be held here between US Senator and WAR SUPPORTER Wayne Allard and one of his opponents. (Demonstration from 5pm at Penrose Library, Corner of Cascade and Kiowa)

The first event is being held in CSprings probably because the Allard/Strickland debate that was held IN THAT congressional district drew a large anti-war protest. Dicky-boy is afraid they might embarass him if he showed his oily head there. So they decided to hide out here in the Springs. Nobody here is going to protest his presence…Are we…??!!!

I would cost you $1,000 to get inside and talk with him, but if you bring your
whistles, horns, drums, kitchen pots, cymbols, tamborees, etc. we can “talk to him from the streets”.

Bring those same items to the Allard Debate on Sunday. You wont be able to get into the tiny room where they are holding it. But the local and TV audience all around the country will be able to hear your displeasure “from the Street”.

The email even leads to this nifty protest site, called Liberty and Justice for All (unless, of course, you’re a casualty of 9/11, an oppressed dissident of Iraq, a starving child in North Korea, a person with sense, etc.).

I might mention that there’s a contact email address on the Protest Opportunities page, but then you might do something naughty, like the email version of noisy pots and drums and whistles.

NOTE: “Protest opportunities?” These people sit around just looking for something to get loud about on a street corner? And you thought bloggers needed to get out more.