Target-Rich Environment

Put some cash in the kitty for the Shropshire Challenge:

[Anti-War maven] Philip Shropshire can very easily put his life on the line for the anti-war cause, if he has the guts to do so. Just last Thursday, I heard someone on the radio recruiting ‘human shields’ to go to Iraq. (I think it must have been NPR, since the rest of the show was all about what a goddess of political wisdom Cynthia McKinney is.) The recruiter said there was a preference for older (hostages) human shields, but it was clear that there is no specific age-limit, and ‘older’ was not defined. I suspect he meant ‘over 18’: even the most idiotic idiotarians have some sense that sending children into a war zone is immoral. Just three days ago, InstaPundit provided a link to an organization recruiting ‘non-violent activists’ to go to Iraq to help prevent war.

So, I offer the Shropshire challenge: It’s time to put up or shut up. Either go to Iraq or shut the Hell up about ‘chickenhawks’.


Or at least help me figure out some other Anti-War idiots to sponsor. Ideas?


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