An Early Happy Independence Day

I’m a little choked up reading this, and I’m only as far as the second graf. By Jan Nowak in today’s Washington Post:

This July 4, many Americans may feel baffled and disappointed by the waves of anti-Americanism sweeping through countries that, not too long ago, were either saved or helped by the United States. Allies such as France and Great Britain and former enemies such as Germany and Japan benefited greatly from America’s generosity and support in their time of need, as did Belgium, Holland, Italy, Russia, Poland, South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan and others. Without the United States, some of these countries might no longer exist.

Those of us who remember and remain grateful should no longer remain silent. For people like me — and there are millions of us — this Fourth of July is a good opportunity to say, “Thank you, America.”


I think I speak for many Americans when I say, I wish I’d done enought to earn your thanks.


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