De-Hyping Drudge II

Drudge has been going nuts with the launch Interntional Criminal Court, going into full-bore Tabloid Mode. He’s had the same four headlines running prominently in the lefthand column for more than a day now.



US Pushes to Keep Its Troops Exempt…

House committee voted authorization for president to use force to rescue any American held…

‘A page in the history of humankind is being turned’…

Let’s get past the hype for a moment, please. The history of the ICC will be written from the American perspective like this:

The ICC was often a vocal thorn in America’s side, but proved little more than an ineffectual home for European left-liberal lawyers and politicos who also worked in government positions or had failed careers in the private sector.

Sorry, wimps — there won’t be entire US armored cav regiments serving time for crimes against war criminals.

Sorry, hawks — there won’t be any air assaults on the Hague to rescue our boys from their Dutch jailors.


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