"You Don't Have To Be Straight To Shoot Straight"

National Review‘s Deroy Murdoch reports on Pink Pistols, the gay gun rights group that makes some people feel strangely comortable, but other people want to put back in the closet.


“I know of absolutely no conservatives who have attacked us,” says Fulk. “I’ve gotten a lot more grief from gay people for owning guns and supporting the Second Amendment than I ever have from gun owners for being gay.” He often joins the group’s Northern Virginia chapter for target practice at the headquarters of the National Rifle Association, with which Pink Pistols has testified on gun issues before California’s state legislature.

All of this makes gay liberals very nervous.

“I am, and we are, very anti-gun; we don’t think guns solve any problems, and may create more problems,” Clarence Patton of New York’s Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project told Philadelphia Gay News last July.

“I don’t believe arming ourselves is a sustainable response to a subculture of hate towards homosexuality,” Sue Hyde of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force told Southern Voice last month. “We are not going to settle our scores as a community by having a shoot-out at the OK Corral.”


Forget the usual “cats and dogs living together” joke. This case is cats and dogs openly smoochingon the sidewalk, just after mauling their respective owners.

Political chaos — I like it.

NOTE: Double Extra Deluxe Bonus Cool Points to whoever can first properly attribute the quote I used for the headline.


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