Get Ready to Curse

Reports differ, but it looks like a stray US bomb killed “scores” of civilians at an Afghan wedding. That is a tragedy, and no one here wished that on anyone there.


Reuters and AP both do credible jobs with the story, but the lede from the Guardian version first set my teeth on edge, then forced me to swish vinegar.

US helicopter gunships and jets today fired on an Afghan wedding, killing or injuring at least 250 civilians, witnesses and hospital officials said.

Stray bomb = coordinated joint attack by army helicopters and air force jets, in the “minds” of our “friends” at that disreputable British “newspaper.”

It’s enough of a tragedy that we killed innocents celebrating a tragedy. It is dishonest, dishonerable, and disgusting that meek foes would seek to turn it into propaganda for their outdated and self-loathing political cause.

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