Finally, a Worthwhile Blogger War

Eric Raymond has a very big announcement — he’s angling for Steven Den Beste’s job.

I’ll make it official. I *am* in fact, consciously making a run at
the position Steve Den Beste (hereinafter “the Captain” to cope with
the Steve aliasing problem) currently holds as most-linked-to serious
essay blogger. I have shot from Insignificant Insect to the upper
reaches of Adorable Rodent in three weeks, so I’m gaining on ‘im fast.

I have chosen this goal precisely because I deeply admire the
Captain’s clarity of thought and writing, even when I disagree
with him. This “competition” requires me to do my best, which
is the real point. I have copied the Captain on this note,
figuring that either (a) he’ll ignore me, or (b) we will begin a writing-quality arms-race that will benefit everyone.


Of course, neither Eric nor the Captain have posted since I got this email — so pull up a chair and get comfy. This could take a while.


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