Friday Recipe

I almost forgot this week’s Friday Recipe. I’m in a hurry, so today we’ll try out Steve’s Gourmet Burgers.

You’ll Need (all measurements are very approximate. Suit yourself):


6-8oz of ground sirloin per person.
Worcestershire Sauce.
1 teaspoon Dijon Mustard.
Two slices thick cut bacon per burger.
Some capers.
Thin sliced Swiss cheese (deli style).
A pinch of minced red onion per burger.
A pinch of minced garlic per burger.
Kaiser roll buns.

Don’t make the patties first. Instead, knead the mustard, Worcestershire (to taste), capers, red onion, and garlic into the ground sirloin. Basically, you’re making steak tartare, then grilling it.

So, once everything is mixed together, grill the burgers and bacon. On the flip side, add the cheese and bacon to the top of the burger. Add a slice of tomato if you like, and put on the Kaiser rolls.

Pretty damn tasty.

CORRECTION: That teaspoon of mustard should be per burger.


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