Modern Crap

George Will looks at some of the art on display at the Jewish Museum (!) in New York:

“Giftgas Giftset,” three replicas of Zyklon B gas canisters in the colors, and bearing the logos, of Chanel, Hermes and Tiffany’s. “Prada Deathcamp” is a model of a concentration camp on cardboard from a Prada hatbox. The exhibit catalogue theorizes that the artist “dares to observe Holocaust museums and their visitors from the position of a critique of consumption.” These two works ask the “irreconcilable” (does the illiterate author mean unanswerable?) question of “whether the artist is fascinated by the label-logo culture or mocking it.”


It gets worse, much worse.

Death camp LEGO. Diet Coke at Buchenwald. At the Jewish Museum.

If you


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