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Is the Administration really and for true getting serious about Iraq? Perhaps. Not only has Powell been pretty well muzzled lately, we have these two stories courtesy of Google News.


U.S. Wants Iraq Diplomat Expelled

The United States on Friday asked Iraq to remove one of its U.N. diplomats for “activities incompatible with his diplomatic status,” a U.S. official said. Such language is diplomatic code for espionage.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen one of these stories. You’ll recall that whenever the Cold War heated up, Moscow and Washington would take turns declaring “diplomats” persona non grata. We pretty much know who the spies are — we usually save kicking them out for when it will save a message. So 86ing some Iraqi UN agent is a nice message to see.

Bush lays foundation for potential attack on Iraq

US President George W. Bush is methodically laying the foundation to overthrow Saddam Hussein, perhaps with military action, and may feel compelled to attack Iraq without warning.

This bit of news analysis is from the Hindustan Times, which has recently learned a thing or two about watching military and diplomatic preparations for war. It’s a short article, but highly recommended.


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