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The Arab League worries that we might assume that the terrorist attacks on us have something to do with Islam.

In a related story, the League expressed some concern that pornography might feature sex.


Look, we know Islam is a major world religion and isn’t going away. We’d really just like to ignore the whole religion thing, like Catholics and Protestants finally learned to do, and get down to the serious business of making some money.

So our problem with the Arab world isn’t religious, it’s politics disguised as religion. If Washington took control of our schools, and started teaching school children that Middle East oil is historically ours, and that we’re justified in slaughtering Arab women and children to take it back. . .well, their problem with us wouldn’t be because we’re mostly Christian.

If we paid money to American suicide bombers killing worshippers at Mecca, the problem would still be one with out political set up, not with our faith. If our government officials worked up crowds with chants of “Death to America,” the blame wouldn’t lie with the community church down the street. And if our churches tried it, they’d still need a government permit first.

So please, don’t infringe on anyone’s right to practice Islam, Anglicism, Wicca, or atheism. But anyone who thinks they can hide behind religion’s skirts to wage a political war on us, had better be ready to have their politics forcibly changed.


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