Moral Equivalency Watch

When Palestinian terrorists plot against little girls, their parents wish them well, their religious leaders bless them, their government gives them weapons, and rich foreigners offer large sums of money.


When Israeli terrorists plot against little girls, their government arrests them and puts them on trial.

The trial of three members of the alleged Jewish terror cell that planned to bomb the A-Tur Girls’ School in Jerusalem at the end of April is to open next week, their lawyer said yesterday.

Yarden Morag, 25, Shlomo Dvir (Zelliger), 26, and Ofer Gamliel, 43, all from the settlement of Bat Ayin, are charged with attempted murder and weapons violations for the thwarted attack. The Jerusalem District Court yesterday extended their remand until the end of proceedings, their attorney, Naftali Werzberger, said.

Israelis show a remarkable devotion to the rule of law, even in times such as these. Palestinians show a remarkable devotion to murder, even when it hurts their cause.

Say it with me one more time: Moral equivalency, my ass.


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