Telling Us What He Really Thinks

Taking Ron Bailey’s suggestion, I visited that Newsday site featuring 35 architects’ proposals on what to build at the WTC.

And goddamn near every single one of them is crap.


It’s bad enough that residential architects ruin fine neighborhoods by building .87 acre cookie-cutter mansions on .88 acre lots. It’s worse that they’ve torn town thousands of fine old ranch-style homes to do it. But these ideas for the WTC. . .

Most of them fall into three categories. We either get huge, blank plazas that would look at home in the capital city of any godforsaken Stalinst country, or squat little fortresses, hunkered down in fear of another attack, or we get wads of twisted steel that look like they were shat out of the intestines of an incontinent draftsman.

Worst of all, most of the proposals fit into that last category.

There are, fortunately, a few soaring, and even graceful designs. And you may vote for them.


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