Nice Election -- How Much Did You Pay For It?

California Governor Gray Davis (or is it Davis Gray?) has figured out how to buy his re-election this fall — using state tax dollars, no less. A plan this brilliant could only come from the same man who lost millions and millions in a deal with Enron.


Gray (or Davis) thinks the state government should pay reparations to minorities. Forget that California admission to the Union as a Free State so shocked the South that it help start the Civil War. Also try to forget that in California, whites will soon be the minority. And this is really, really pushing it, but forget that “justice” cannot be served by taxing a ficticious blood libel to reward an equally fictional blood nobility.

If Davis’ (or Gray’s) plan goes through, he’ll have bought damn near half the votes in his state. And if he can get just his immediate white family to vote for him, too, then he’ll return to Sacremento next year.



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