Set Your Calenders For Stun

Colorado Bloggers, your attention please.

Sometime around mid-May, I should be fully recovered from my birthday hostilities… er, festivities planned for next weekend. And that means we’re going to have to get together and do some drinking.


That means Jeff and Diana and Rob and… hell, I can’t remember who all else, because I’m in a goofy mood and I don’t want to work and I had wine with lunch so there.


Saturday, May 25th. Somewhere… Denverish and fun, I would think. I’ll ask Jeff for help with choosing the location, because he knows lots of young, hip college types. We can only hope he doesn’t know the pretty ones all too well.

Also, since it is me getting the bottle uncorked for this affair, it will be at a grown-up location with grown-up beverages.

Keep the 25th open, and watch this space for details.

NOTE: We’re being so open-minded about this, that we’ll accept bloggers from entire other Rocky Mountain states, such as Arizona and that one with all the funny religions. We have not yet, however, made up our minds about Pueblo residents.

ANOTHER NOTE: It has come to my our attention that certain west coast bloggers of fabled descent are feeling left out of the bashiness. Pejman, grab your best gal and c’mon up to where the air is cool, dry, and clean.


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