The Algonquin Blogtable?

Richard Starratt made this comment after I quoted Dorothy Parker yesterday:

Since the VodkaPundit is playing the role of Dorothy Parker, match the warblogger and their respective member of the Algonquin Round Table.


Now, since I’m a good executive and know how to delegate (or I’m mentally lazy), I threw the issue back at Richard. I asked him to come up with at least a suggestion or two to help set the table. Here’s what he came up with:

Franklin P. Adams-Instantman (“raised Dorothy Parker from a couplet”). Alexander Woolcott-Sullivan (the “caged cobra”-Noel Coward) George S. Kaufman- The Sarge (once was asked by a publicist how to get an actress name in the paper-“Shoot her”)

But if the Sarge is Kaufman, that must leave Harpo Marx for Lileks.

Who else gets a seat?


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