Pick a Winner?

Steve Skaggs, damn near a neighbor of a woman now known only as “The Spooky Chick,” writes in:

Re “For Your Consideration“, I keep seeing this idea…first on Op. Journ.
and now on your V.P.


But so far, haven’t yet seen the language concatenating “Bombakazi”

Mebbe “kazi”, “akazi” or “al kazi” means something interesting in Arabic.
Hopefully something disgusting about their personal habits, parentage and
probable destinations. May wild pigs mate above their graves.

Bombakazi. Splodeydope. And Sean Kirby likes the PC-themed “People of Detonation.”

As always here at VodkaPundit, the competition for bad taste and cheap laughs over good booze is as strong as ever.

NOTE: Sean also suggests “Killbots,” but that sounds a little too Bionic Woman for me. Not that there’s anything wrong with Lindsey Wagner in skimpy ’70s clothes.

UPDATE: Explaining all this commotion to Melissa, she said, “Why don’t we just call them all ‘assholes’?”

We have a winner.


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