Our Friends the Brits

Drudge has an interesting collection of links from the usual suspects in the British press on Israel’s so-called “war crime.”

The Times: Inside the camp of the dead


Independent: Amid the ruins of Jenin, the grisly evidence of a war crime

Telegraph: Blasted to rubble by the Israelis

And (of course) The Guardian: The lunar landscape that was the Jenin refugee camp

Kids, this is racism, pure and simple. But it isn’t anti-Semitism, or at least not entirely.

Notice that the IDF is being held to a standard of perfection. A Palestinian “moderate” — from now on defined as one attacking with a rock or a gun, rather than a jacket bomb — gets killed, and the IDF is a murderer. A tent gets blown up, and Israel is guilty of war crimes.

Those are impossibly high standards during war, or even peace — but it’s good to know that left-liberal nuts think Israel can live up to them.

On the other side, the Palestinians encourage a beautiful young girl to give up her fianc


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