One Last Rant

Links via Ken Layne.

I’d never heard of Ed Champion before, or his EdRants blog — but, hello, can this man write. On MetaTalk today, he added this about the Final Solution to the Beam Question:


The web writer jumps from stone to stone in this giddy lake, with his/her own feverish promptitude being the singular millstone.

It is a giddy lake. And the water is fine — jump on in.

Well, don’t tell Dvorak to jump in. He stuck in a toe, then decided the pond isn’t posh enough for a bigtime PC Mag gadfly.

Read his little condescending column if you want yet another example of yet another old media writer Who Just Doesn’t Get It.

Why is it that the proper posture for a print pundit picking apart blogs is head held haughty, gazing down the nose?

Even serious blogs like Sullivan, Lileks, or Reynolds are treated with disdain, at best. Are we really so unworthy?

Hardly. The Blogosphere is new, very new. And fractured. Very, very fractured. There has yet to be a great falling out of the bored, the useless, the unentertaining. And yet readership grows by leaps and bounds.

PC Mag is a must for me. I’ll always read the New York Times.

But Dvorak, Bean, and Friedman’s (sounds like a bad law firm) days are numbered.

And they know it.

NOTE: Anytime I use as much alliteration as I did in that all-too-pompous sentence about posture, please slap me upside the head with a relief map of Kandahar.


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