No Relation to Peter

Jack O’Toole is a very smart Political Professional — and I keep meaning to link to his stuff.

Read this last graf from his most recent post:

As much as it depresses me to say this, the Palestinians are right about one thing: Israel faces a choice between capitulation and ethnic cleansing, and because it will never choose the latter, it will ultimately be forced to accept the former. I hope and pray that all this is just my (occasionally) dark Irish soul talking, but I fear it’s not. The terrorists are winning.


I think Jack is wrong.

Backed up against the wall, the world’s two most civilized nations conspired to firebomb Dresden and joined forces to create the Bomb. On our own, we dropped two of them on Japan.

As Victor Hanson points out at least every couple of weeks, Western Civilization is very good at waging war, very brutal when the need arises, and ultimately victorious. Even usually the French.

It’s been a bad week for the War on Terror; it’s been a worse week for the people of Israel. But that doesn’t mean we’re losing, Jack.

Think of Pearl Harbor, Kasserine Pass, Task Force Smith, or the Ardennes in 1940.

We and our Brit cousins have a long history of losing the first battle of every damn war we fight.

And winning the last one.


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