Your Attention Please

At least 16 are dead in another suicide bombing attack, this time at a hotel Passover Seder.

I’m sick of telling Israel to negotiate.

I’m sick of tit-for-tat “cycle of violence” body count news stories.


I’m sick of war without end.

I’m sick of women and children being killed for being women and children.

I’m sick of seeing newly-made orphans.

I’m sick of the vicious-child mindset of every Palestinian leader.

I’m sick of young men ending their lives in an unholy struggle.

I’m sick of Arab pretensions.

I’m sick of cowardice called martyrdom.

I’m sick of knowing I can’t visit half my family’s ancestral home without fear.

I’m sick of those who teach murderous hatred to children.

I’m sick of failures who want to take us down with them.

I’m sick of lies and duplicity used in the name of justice.

I’m sick of beautiful young girls slaughtered for their religion.

I’m sick of bounties for dead civilians.

I’m sick of our diplomats being jerked around.

I’m sick of the Israeli people having to hold back their fury and their tears.

I’m sick of the lying Palestinian media.

I’m sick of the biased American media.

I’m sick of loser barbarians who try to dictate peace terms.

I’m sick of accommodating our destroyers.

I’m sick of being made to look like fools, by fools.

I’m sick of hating to read the news.

I’m sick of arguing with irrational beasts.


I’m sick of crying.

Mostly, I’m just sick to death of the senseless, bloody idiocy.

But there is no end in sight. There is no persuading men who don’t hold to reason. There is no coexistence. There will be no peace.

The time has come for Israel to expel every single last Palestinian from the West Bank. If they so much as squawk, then those in Gaza should be expelled, too. They can flee to Jordan, or Syria, or Egypt, or to Lebanon. I don’t care where they go.

Frankly, they can go to hell.

NOTE: I’m sorry the comments section isn’t working today. If you want to damn or praise me, just send email. I probably won’t post much more for a while. I just don’t feel like being witty and flippant right now.

ANOTHER NOTE: OK, the comments are working again. Click on the Drinks and let’s see what happens. But I can tell you two things: 1) I’ve never received so much email, and 2) Not one has been in disagreement.

Be very afraid of the American street.


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