President Who? Pete du Pont

President Who?
Pete du Pont — who I cast my very first vote for in the 1988 Presidential Primaries — is just now discovering lying and deceit in the US Forest Service.


It’s a well-written, well-argued piece, really. It just seems so dated. The blogosphere trapped, skinned, butchered, grilled, ate, digested, and shat out that issue just about ever ago.

Still, du Pont puts a lot of good data together in a nicely-sized package. It’s still worth a read if you’re looking for more intellectual ammunition.

NOTE: I’m wasn’t kidding about the ’88 primary. I was 19, a fierce little Randian, and willing to do anything for a candidate in favor both privatizing Social Security and a flat tax. I’m no longer such the Objectivist, but I could still sure go for a President like that.


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