Only In The Guardian Remember

Only In The Guardian
Remember this name: Suzanne Goldenberg. This is only my third full installment of OITG, but it’s her second mention. She’s a reporter based in Israel, and pretty out there even for a eurolefty. She is, I think, one of those disturbing self-loathing Jews whose first reaction to anti-Semitism is “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”


Read this lede from her report on the Arab League summit in Beirut:

A defiant Yasser Arafat declared that he would not attend today’s Arab League summit in Beirut, virtually guaranteeing that the Palestinian cause will dominate the gathering of regional leaders.

My, how virile she makes Yasser seem. He’s “defiant” and “will dominate.” Pretty loaded language — and this is a “straight” news story, not an opinion piece.

Aides for Mr Arafat announced the decision in Ramallah last night, saying that the Palestinian leader would not bow to the ever-toughening conditions of Israel’s prime minister, Ariel Sharon, for his attendance at the event.

That’s tough old nut will “not bow” to “ever-toughening conditions.” He’s a martyr, you see, willing to suffer for the cause.

Unmentioned is that “the cause” is killing as many women and children as he can, until the few surviving Jews flee the Middle East.

Only in The Guardian, kids.


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