The Sullivan Crusade First Ken

The Sullivan Crusade
First Ken linked. Then Tim. Quickly followed by the Good Professor. Then — bam! — James Lileks. Now VodkaPundit is aiming for a mention on Sullivan.


And so starts the first edition of a daily feature called The Sullivan Crusade. Each and every day, I’m going to link to an Andrew Sullivan post, say some disgustingly obsequious words, then laugh at myself for failing, once again, to get mentioned by the Godblogger.

So here we go. (Ahem)

Wow! Did you read what Andrew wrote today about minorities who don’t stay down on the thought plantation? Genius! I swear, that man can write. And so smart. Also good looking. Did I mention I’m typing this with my head bowed down in reverence?

That’s enough for the first attempt. And now, back to our regular blogging.


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