Beating the Decayed Corpse of

Beating the Decayed Corpse of a Long-Dead Horse
I’ll assume you’ve already read Michael Ledeen’s piece today on the Iran/PLO connection. If not, here’s the key graf:


It shouldn’t have taken so long to figure this out, of course. Iran and the PLO have been cooperating intimately since 1972, but the truth is always welcome, and one probably shouldn’t quibble over a mere thirty years.

And when Ledeen says “intimately,” I’m pretty sure he means that in the full, Clintonian sense of the word.

What it comes down to though, is something Ledeen wrote back in February and this site has been arguing even longer. Namely, we should topple the mullahs in Iran before we take on Saddam Hussein.

The best part is, we won’t have to do much. The Persian Street will kindly string up their leaders for us. For themselves, really.

Do I have any readers in the Pentagon or the State Department? Can’t you pass this up the chain?


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