Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Vote Here

Until ten years ago, South Africa was the nutty home of apartheid, the only democratically government in the world where a tiny white minority kept a huge black majority in chains.


Then Nelson Mandela became president, and South Africa was on its way to becoming the only decent nation in all of sub-Sarahan Africa.

Now Thabo Mbeki runs the joint, and South Africa is well on its way to becoming just another African basket case.

If you thought Mbeki was nuts for claiming HIV doesn’t cause AIDS, wait until you hear what his ANC party said earlier today:

The Zimbabwean Government’s decision to charge opposition leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai with treason is part of a painful “process of healing“, South Africa’s ruling African National Congress declared yesterday.

There you have it, kids. One brutal, insane dictator stroking another. Don’t bother telling me that Mbeki can’t be a dictator because he was freely elected — so was


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