Raised Glass Salute John Braue

Raised Glass Salute
John Braue takes on the Professor — and wins.

Earlier today, Glenn linked to this Slate piece by Anne Applebaum, and argued that Europe uses hypocritical multiculturalism to keep immigrants in their ghettos. John disagrees:


It’s not contempt, it’s outright racism. Europe is the home of the Tribal State; if you are not a member of the Tribe, you can never be a member of Tribe, not even if you are a tenth-generation immigrant. You are at best a Gastarbeiter, to be given the scut work to do so that the Volk can collect their government benefits in peace; at worse, a nuisance to be run out of town if, inexplicably, one of the Volk wants your job instead of jusr cashing his monthly check as an “occupational reservist”.

The rest of John’s post is just as good, and worth your time. So is his site — The Rat’s Nest.

And if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go grab a bite to eat and one or two too many beers with my future brother-in-law.


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