Got Any Other Bright Ideas?

Got Any Other Bright Ideas?
OpinionJournal’s Tom Bray has been smoking some seriously good stuff.

Bray argues that the way for Republicans to re-take the Senate in November is to “take on the imperial judiciary.” He makes some excellent points on court activism, and why we need better judges — and a Senate who will approve the President’s nominees.

But as a national election issue?

I can hear you snoring already. The only people who get riled up about the courts or court nominees are diehard lefties and righties — people who always turn out for midterm elections. The way to win lots of midterms is to get regular, nonpolitical people (about 60% of the elctorate) excited enough about something to get off the sofa and into a polling booth. That’s how Newt took control of Congress in ’94. He “nationalized” the election using the Contract With America — just enough to increase Republican turnout.

And let me tell you, court appointments are not going to get people away from Frasier.