Goddamn Them

Victor Davis Hanson covers some familiar ground today, but with a slightly new angle.

Good reading on what the Arab world (and Europe) can’t say about the Israeli-Palestinian War.


Here’s a hint: There’s not a single well-run Arab nation. Here’s another hint: Europe doesn’t care.

Europeans likewise publicly advance this prophasis [land for peace], but in private conversation admit that within a few years of “peace” the Israeli-Palestinian relationship would return to its pre-1967 status of conflict over the very existence of Israel. Afraid of terrorism, desirous of trade, eager for steady supplies of oil, nervous over large groups of Islamic immigrants, eager to court third-world favor, and playing good cop to our bad, Europe can hardly express publicly what it privately knows to be true.

And there you have it. Even the most idiotarian euroweasel knows that his vision of “peace” in the Middle East can only come through the elimination of Israel. And they’re willing to sell out 5 million Israelis for cheap oil.

Suddenly, the Holocaust doesn’t seem such an aberration.


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