Googlebombing Is Allowed Under the

Googlebombing Is Allowed Under the Geneva Conventions
The following text and links were lifted directly from Megan McArdle’s Jane Galt, in an effort to Googlebomb away shoddy civilian death statistics from the Afghan campaign.


Feel free to “View Source” and copy it for your blog, too. You don’t need to click the links to make the Googlebomb, so just scroll on down to my next post.

“Kill Marc Herold Afghan casualties meme by Googlebombing it. For the uninitiated, “Googlebombing” takes advantage of the fact that Google gives a high ranking to regularly updated sites; this means that if a lot of bloggers link to, say, Iain Murray’s take-down of the Herold Afghan casualties study, using relevant search terms like Afghanistan civilian casualties and Herold collateral damage and Marc Herold Afghanistan study, we can move Iain’s article to the top of Google’s search results.”


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