A Raised Glass Salute Back

A Raised Glass Salute Back at Ya
The world wide blog has probably all linked to Andrew Sullivan’s “A Blogger Manifesto” already, but I see no reason not to join in the pile-on.


Andrew writes:

It was, I realized two years ago, the nascent Napster of the journalism industry. Just as Napster by-passed the record companies and brought music to people with barely any mediation, so Blogger by-passed established magazines, newspapers, editors and proprietors, and allowed direct peer-to-peer journalism to flourish.

He’s half right. Most of us don’t have the resources to do our own reporting. But we can do the cheap version — punditry — every bit as well as the pros. Those who actually make a living at it, like Sullivan, provide the red meat the rest of us feed on, then pre-digest for the general public in short, witty snippets which sometimes include the word “shewpixie.”

Seriously, the entire article is — unlike other recent pieces — true to the spirit of blogging. It’s also a joy to read and a great reminder why so many of us have taken this little hobby far too far. Sullivan is one of the guys who got this whole thing going — you owe to him to read his manifesto.


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