It's Like a Ford Focus,

It’s Like a Ford Focus, but it Flies
Interesting news item from Steven Cole on Strategy Page:

A company called Aviation Technology Group Inc. has developed a new small fighter called Javelin. While it was intended for export, the company is now suggesting that it could be the perfect fighter for homeland defense. Equipped with an ejection seat, radar, spotlight, forward looking infrared radar, night vision systems, and a 7.62mm minigun, it could be bought for only $4 million and operated for a quarter of the cost of an F-16.

This Javelin doesn’t exactly sound state-of-the-art, but gold-plated air-superiority fighters are hardly what’s needed for homeland defense against slow, fat jetliners.

My question is the same as Sarge Stryker’s from a couple months back — where do we get the pilots and ground crews?