This is Progress? The World

This is Progress?
The World Tribune reports that three Israeli soldiers were killed yesterday when, for the first time, Palestinians succeeded in destroying their Merkava tank.

I hate to say this, and I mean no disrespect to the fallen IDF soldiers — but at least the Palestinians were attacking soldiers instead of civilians.

UPDATE: Fred Lapides was kind enough to write in with the part of the story I missed. I’ll just quote Fred’s letter:

Stephen: nice of you to want to minimize the terror attack upon the Israeli tank–how unusual. Soldiers rather than civilians–but in fact here is what you left out:

“….The IDF Spokesman said that, before the mine explosion, a roadside bomb had been detonated and shots fired at a civilian convoy of cars and a bus between Netzarim and the Karni crossing linking the Gaza Strip and Israel. When emergency vehicles and a tank arrived, the tank ran over a “very sophisticated anti-armor device,” a military source said. The tank crew was driving along a dirt side road when the mine detonated. The turret was blown off, pinning one of the soldiers underneath the tank and setting it on fire, the spokesman said”

In this instance, civilians did not die but were merely used as bait, though had the terrorists had their way, those on the bus would have been killed too.

There you have it, kids. Even when attacking arguably legitimate targets, the barbarians of the West Bank can’t help but use terror tactics.